• ACAMIS Swimming Tournament

    From March 17–20, YCIS Chongqing had the pleasure of sending the first swimming team to a competitive swimming event. The event was co-hosted by Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) and Dulwich College Suzhou (DCSZ) in Suzhou and was held across two days. A total of 10 students were sent to the event, competing in three, four and some five events across the two days.

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  • An Amazing Race for the Ages at YCIS Chongqing

    YCIS Chongqing and the YCIS Parent Organisation recently hosted the 2nd annual Amazing Race at the school’s campus on March 11, and this year’s exciting edition saw 10 teams of 8 battling for the title of “Champion”. Teams had to successfully answer trivia questions before they could officially begin the race, but soon enough all groups were successfully underway and the real race began.

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  • Primary English Public Speaking Competition 2016

    For many adults, the fear of speaking in public is one of their greatest. The mere thought of standing up in front of 250 peers to deliver a speech conjures images of knocking knees, shaking hands and dry mouths. It is almost unthinkable to ask children, many of who can barely see over the lectern, to take on the same feat.

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  • YCIS Chongqing Welcomes the Year of the Monkey

    Our students hail from over 20 nations and form our international community in Chongqing, China. They embrace the wonderful opportunities of experiencing Chinese culture, a culture that has lasted for over 5000 years. The Year of the Monkey is approaching, and YCIS Chongqing campus has been alive with Chinese festivities! Students from the whole school have participated in a huge variety of Chinese New Year activities including cooking and tasting, poem recitals, musical performances and exciting games, all related to celebrating the new year.

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  • Fitting More than Words in Maths Class

    Contrary to popular belief, Maths isn’t just about numbers. YCIS Chongqing students from Years 8 to 11 have delved into that realm by focusing on their mathematics vocabulary over the past few weeks.

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