Student Council

The 2016-17 YCIS Chongqing Student Council elections have now completed. The results for both Primary and Secondary Councils were announced on Sep 5 at a whole school assembly.

We are proud to announce our newest members of the Council; please join us in congratulating these outstanding student leaders!

BIRNEY Elliott Liam Parker- Year 1CC

LOU Sean - Year 1CY

KIM Doeun (Tony) - Year 2CT

YE Dahe (Darwin)      - Year 2TZ

LI Wenhan (Felix)      -Year 3ND

INOUE Ryosuke - Year 3ST

SMEETS Sien - Year 4BS

BIRNEY Oscar Thomas Edwin - Year 4RA

SAGONG Jun - Year 5SJ

FEI Jodie Yawen - Year 5SL

BAISOYA Nakshatra - Year 6SD

XU Yiwen - Year 6SD

MILLER Caroline Rose -Year 8

MILLER Chloe Christine -    Year 9

AHN Ethan Sungyoon - Year 11

CHEON Jonguk - Year 11

MILLER Julia Corinne - Year 11

CHUNG Nara - Year 12

LEE Hahun - Year 12

LEI Yang       Year 12

SONG Min Suk (Nick) - Year 12

NG Man Wai (Sally) - Year 13

TAM Sik Yiu Cadence - Year 13

The Student Council plays a leading role in organizing various school events throughout the year including social gatherings, holiday events, and school competitions. It also plays an integral role in local charity drives and initiatives as well as the Yew Chung Foundation’s Seeds of Hope fundraising efforts.

Student Council is a representative body that provides leadership opportunities for students while enabling them to meaningfully contribute to the School’s decision making processes, to the School’s culture, and to the image and standing of YCIS and its students in the local community.  

Once again, join us in recognizing and supporting these student leaders in bringing more numerous and richer opportunities to our YCIS community!

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