Programming Challenge Accepted and Completed

YCIS Chongqing is proud to acknowledge the impressive achievement of five "tech-minded" students, including Jack Hayley, Matthew Leano, Dain Woo, Chris Lee and Orlando Ortega who undertook the Cisco Python Essentials course, which is a programme widely recognised the technology industry. Endorsed by the Python Institute and aimed at tertiary education students, our five students demonstrated their impressive computing skills and, despite the isolation during school closures, were able to successfully complete the course.

This impressive achievement means the students are now well placed to pursue careers as Senior Software Developers, Mobile Application Developers, or Cloud Computing Specialists and other fields of work in the computing sector.

Mr Hassan, their Computer Science teacher, said “I’m very proud of the students, who have demonstrated excellent computing skills and determination at a difficult time when we are almost all in some form of isolation (away from their peers and teachers)."


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